10-31-2019 | Cs

The orange leader in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, affirms that 'in Catalonia we play the power to live in peace and stop being hostages of radical separatism'

"Voting Citizens is saying yes to democracy and freedom and not to nationalism and violence." This has been said by the candidate of Citizens (Cs) to the Congress of Deputies for Barcelona, ​​Inés Arrimadas, at the start of the campaign of the general elections of November 10. Arrimadas has affirmed that it is necessary to say “yes to Spain and not to the damn 'procés” ”and has pointed out that the vote to Cs“ is worth three times ”because it will serve to“ unblock the country and have government, to reform Spain and to stop nationalism".

The head of the list for Barcelona recalled that “both the vote of the PP and the PSOE have always gone to the piggy bank of the nationalists” and has pointed out that “whoever wants the streets to stop burning, not to indoctrinate children , that companies do not leave and that no more privileges be granted to the separatists must vote for Cs ”. Arrimadas has described the current moment as "crucial" and has stated, in relation to Quim Torra, "that the Catalans do not deserve a president who cuts roads with the separatist radicals and congratulates those who collapse airports." "This party has achieved things that seemed impossible, such as winning nationalists in votes and seats in Catalonia," he recalled and has ruled that "Cs is going to give the bell again."

The orange leader in Catalonia and national spokesman for the party, Lorena Roldán, said that "in Catalonia we play the power to live in peace and stop being hostages of the radical separatism that is at ease" and has asked that next November 10 citizens "go out and say 'enough' to what is happening in Catalonia". Roldan has warned that "no one can stay at home" to stop "the separatist commands" and demonstrate "that together we are unstoppable."

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