31-08-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that the liberal party will be "a guarantee of moderation, good sense and effectiveness" and will negotiate "so that they are the best possible budgets for the Spanish people"

"We are going to Moncloa with a constructive, responsible and very demanding spirit," said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, who stressed that "it cannot be just another meeting between the government and the opposition because it is a exceptional situation ”. "We are not condemned to have the worst data, we can reverse it if we go together and the Executive corrects its mistakes," he said.

The leader of the Liberal Party stressed that next Wednesday she will demand "a return to school with a national strategy that guarantees equal rights." "I think it is not much to ask that it have criteria coordinated and led by the Government of Spain," added the president of the orange formation who recalled that in April Ciudadanos presented a proposal in Congress where they were already talking about this return to the school and last week an initiative calling for a national strategy. "The government has done little and we will continue to insist that this has to be solved," he lamented.

He has also explained the importance of extending the ERTES that will decline on September 30. "We have already managed to unlink them from the State of Alarm and now there are many pending companies to avoid having to close," Arrimadas added.

In relation to the General State Budgets, Inés Arrimadas has affirmed that Ciudadanos is going to negotiate "so that they are the best PGE possible for Spaniards". "No one is surprised that Podemos likes to negotiate with Bildu and ERC more than with Cs," criticized the leader of Cs, who stressed that the liberal party will be "a guarantee of moderation, good sense and effectiveness."

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