07-01-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs, together with Carlos Carrizosa, presents the number 2 for Barcelona, ​​Anna Grau, of which she assures "meets all the requirements to be in Cs"

"We are uncomfortable for separatism because we do not make things easy for it and we are the only alternative to the center, liberal and without corruption", has defended the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, in a ceremony in Barcelona in which he presented together with the head of the opposition and Citizen (Cs) candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, To the journalist and writer, Anna Grau, as number 2 for Barcelona in the orange formation list for the next regional elections. "Anna Grau meets all the requirements to be in Cs because she is a free, brave woman, who has faced nationalism out of conviction and with a great professional career outside of politics," Arrimadas explained.

"I am convinced that you have a lot to contribute because your voice has been many times that hope for freedom in many areas in which you have not been silenced and you will not be silenced", Arrimadas assured when heading to number 2 in Barcelona. The leader of the Liberals has affirmed that with her incorporation "We show that we continue to grow and bring people together."

Likewise, the president of the orange formation has claimed that Ciudadanos has been the only party "Capable of defeating nationalism at the polls" and has stated that “Everyone knows that if they vote for Cs, those votes will go to a constitutional government if they give the numbers. The rest can go to a tripartite or conservative parties, which are those that prefer separatism to make the similarity that all constitutionalism is right-wing, something that is false. “We need moderation, a constructive spirit and a calm alternative to extremes” that is why “the Cs project in Catalonia is so important”, has added Arrimadas.

For his part, the candidate of the liberal formation for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, stressed that the new addition to his candidacy, Anna Grau, knows "What it is to suffer frustration and ostracism by the prevailing nationalism" and thanked him that just after the poor results of the 2019 general elections, he joined Ciudadanos in order to end politics with this “Scourge that we suffer in Catalonia”.

"We fight for there to be democracy, moderation and freedom in Catalonia", Carrizosa has stated. And he added that his party is happy to welcome people from civil society who have things to contribute.. "Adding wills, effort, and enthusiasm and changing things, that is the reason why Anna Grau has come and we are proud to welcome her", has finished off.

The leader of Cs in Catalonia has also referred to the condemnation that some separatist leaders, such as Roger Torrent, have made of the incidents yesterday in the Capitol saying that populisms bring the invasion of democratic organs that must be respected. Given this, Carrizosa recalled that the president of the Generalitat himself, Quim Torra, on October 1, 2018 "He encouraged the CDRs with the squeeze, squeeze" and they ended up trying to invade Parliament without Torrent or another separatist leader condemning it.

For her part, the number 2 for Barcelona, ​​Anna Grau, has stated that "I am proud to join the Cs team" and has pointed out that "I'm happy to get home." "As a woman, journalist, Catalan and Spanish I have suffered all kinds of abuse", Grau has denounced in relation to the harassment suffered for having expressed his opinion, among others, in different television programs, and has explained that "If you have to get into politics, it is precisely so that things like that don't happen." He has finished pointing out that "No one here is against Catalonia, but against the‘ procés ’, which is the greatest threat there has been against freedom."

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