05-01-2020 | Cs

The president of the Parliamentary Group Cs (GPCs) says that 'more sense of state is needed than what Sánchez is demonstrating'

"We ask a brave PSOE to vote in coherence with what they promised in the campaign," said the president and spokesperson of the parliamentary group Citizens (GPCs) in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas, who has thanked the courage of Oramas because "He has voted with dignity and with conviction to constitutional principles."

The liberal deputy has warned that "more sense of state is needed than what Sánchez is demonstrating." "We ask the socialists to be brave," said the spokeswoman for the GPCs who stressed that for this "you have to be free." "Lastra cannot be very free if she doesn't have any work experience outside the PSOE in her curriculum," he explained.

Arrimadas has lamented Sanchez's lack of reaction by not refuting "not one of Bildu's unconstitutional arguments." "Sanchez wants to divide the Spaniards, returning to the trenches and criminalizing those who are not going to give our support." "There is a moderate alternative" that Sánchez "has not wanted to take," said the spokeswoman for the GPCs. He stressed that "families, small business owners, investors … are worried about what comes to us" because "it was not written anywhere to agree with ERC, BNG, PNV or Bildu."

Also, Arrimadas has lamented that Batet does not fulfill its responsibility guaranteeing compliance with the regulations of the chamber. "It is the responsibility of the president of Congress to intervene when the institutions and the head of state are attacked," he added.

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