23-10-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs reaches out for a ‘national containment plan’ because her party acts ‘with responsibility and a sense of state’

"We ask the Government to take control of the pandemic now and decree a State of Alarm to avoid total confinement," said the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, after the emergency meeting of the Standing Committee held this morning. In which the four regional vice presidents of Cs and the vice mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, have also participated, due to the expansion of the pandemic and the lack of response from the country by the Government. "We have been telling the Government for months that it could not wash its hands and refer the management of the pandemic to the autonomous communities, I have transferred the president to decree the State of Alarm if necessary to avoid a second confinement." And he adds that "the State of Alarm does not mean a total confinement as in March, it is a legal instrument, we want strong and necessary measures in each place that are required, but a national plan."

Arrimadas has put "10 loyal seats" at the service of Sánchez to agree on a "national containment plan" because his party acts "with responsibility and a sense of state." "That plan to contain the second wave cannot have only restrictive measures, but there must be a rescue plan for those sectors most affected." "This was never a problem for Communities, or for different parties, the problem is to manage the pandemic with a national solution without false victories or optimism." The president of the orange party recalled that "to take measures such as 'curfews', we need to coordinate, support each other, face the second wave together, and we will only be able to do so with a legal instrument applicable to all of Spain."

Likewise, the leader of the liberal formation has asked the PP that "as a state party, it also supports these measures so as not to depend on nationalist parties." "I am concerned that the Government of Spain does not want to make this decision because stability in Congress is not guaranteed, so I tell it to lean on the constitutionalist parties," he concluded.

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