05-13-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs stresses that ‘could stand in the no and in criticism’, but prefers ‘fight, negotiate and achieve positive measures for the country’

"We do not guarantee a priori support for the Government in anything, we negotiate vote by vote," the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, said in a television interview on Wednesday. The parliamentary spokeswoman for the orange formation has called for "calm" in the face of the interpretations because "we have not promised to support a state of alarm." "This Tuesday, I reviewed with Sánchez the conditions to support the last fifteen days of the extension of the state of alarm, I did not guarantee support for anything, ”Arrimadas has transferred.

"I did not say yes at all, I did not guarantee a priori support," said the liberal deputy, "I told him that we can talk week by week and negotiate depending on whether it is good for the Spanish or not." "The situation can change a lot in 24-48 hours, we are focused on solving the problems of the self-employed or the tourism sector," he said. "The next extension is voted next week, let's not look for interpretive pirouettes," he asked.

"I am the most critical of the Executive, there are many mistakes and improvisations to correct," Arrimadas has pointed out, "but you have to be realistic and know that we are facing an unprecedented crisis." "I could install myself in the no to everything and criticism, but if, in addition, I can fight, negotiate and get positive measures for the Spanish, the better," the Cs leader acknowledged, "we strive to be useful." The spokesperson for the GPCs has stated that "hopefully we will not stick to the measures of Podemos, I prefer that Cs agree to sensible and transversal measures with the Government to be able to negotiate with Europe."

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