02-02-2020 | Cs

The president of the CPG trusts that the Orange Law of Dignity at the End of Life and the Law of Euthanasia can approve this legislature to 'take a step towards freedom'

"We are in time to materialize the 'best united' formula to mobilize the constitutionalist vote," said the president and spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Inés Arrimadas, who announced that "contacts with entities of the civil society and with referents of constitutionalism ”. The Parliamentary spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) recalled that her proposal "is winning, transversal and open to more than an agreement between two parties" and that she thinks of the "general interest".

At a press conference in Congress, Arrimadas has lamented that the PP is "focused on internal affairs of the party and on names and logos" and that the Galician president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, "has slammed the first exchange." "If Feijóo loses the absolute majority in Galicia for a seat, how will he explain it to constitutionalist voters?" The president of the GPCs has asked, who has claimed "to be aware of the moment we are in and think about the general interest "

In addition, Arrimadas has referred to "two complementary laws" that if they go ahead will serve to "take an important step towards the freedom" of the Spaniards, in reference to the Cs Law of Dignity at the End of Life and the Law of Euthanasia . On the orange law, which includes palliative care, the leader of Cs in Congress has recalled that in previous legislatures she has already achieved a "broad consensus" and on the Euthanasia Law she has asked that it be "guarantee".

On the other hand, Arrimadas has described as “outrageous” that in the dialogue table that Pedro Sánchez will create “are all but the Catalan constitutionalists”. "It is an insult to the Catalan constitutionalists that we have given the face," said the president of the GPCs, who has warned that "you can not bleach Torra or separatism while constitutionalism is despised."

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