07-16-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs pays tribute to ‘the public servants who have risked their lives so that the country can continue to function’

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, asked this Thursday that "we do a collective learning of everything that has happened in our country and that we are always, always, with the victims and their families." This has been done by attending the State Tribute to Victims by Covid-19 and Recognition of Society, which have chaired SS.MM. the Kings. "Of course, the role today must have the victims and their families and not any political party or government."

"We must pay tribute to the people who have worked at the foot of the canyon, to all public servants. Firstly, to the health sector. But also to the security forces and bodies, transporters, cleaning and maintenance personnel … To the people who have worked, who have risked their lives, who have continued to get up every morning during this hard confinement to provide a service to Spanish society. . To all those people who have made the country continue to function even after one of the toughest confinements in the world, ”he indicated from the Royal Palace.

"We want this not to be forgotten, that this does not happen in vain, that there is not a single death in vain," said the liberal leader. Arrimadas has concluded that the act is a tribute “to all the people who, even without being in the official figures, have lost their lives. And I hope that it will serve, in a certain way, to give support to the relatives and friends of the people who have died ”.

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