10-19-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs points out that 'we must set ourselves the goal of reaching Christmas with less than 25 cases of accumulated incidence in order to recover the economy'

"We need a national containment plan that meets European criteria and has a timetable and a legal instrument." This has been stated by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, during an interview with the program 'El Target' of La Sexta.

"We arrived very late to the first wave of infections and now we need a national containment plan so that this second wave of the pandemic can be a second chance" that allows us to "make up for lost time," Arrimadas pointed out, in addition to highlighting that "We must approve the EU criteria" and "set the goal of reaching Christmas with less than 25 accumulated incidence cases in order to recover the economy." "You have to act by taking forceful measures and do it in a planned way", and "if you close a sector you have to offer aid or tax exemptions", explained the president of Cs.

Arrimadas has assured that "I am not going to focus only on the mistakes made if not on which ones we can avoid" and stressed that "while Vox is going to present a motion of censure this Wednesday, Citizens will propose in the Senate what many scientific societies have requested , an exact audit on what has happened ". "We want to pitch in to take measures and flee from the confrontation" since "in Congress there are plenty of sticks and more dialogue is missing," said the leader of the liberal formation.

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