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The president of Cs regrets "the negligence and irresponsibility of the Government" before the third wave and asks the Executive to assume that "it will be necessary to adopt measures to control it and they will have to

"We need a National Vaccination Plan and a full-time Minister of Health to face the third wave", The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has assured in an interview on the Antena3 program ‘Espejo Público’. "The Government must assume that the third wave is already here and that it will be necessary to adopt measures to control it and approve aid so that SMEs and the self-employed can endure these months", has warned.

The leader of the orange formation has lamented "The laziness and irresponsibility of the Government" given the seriousness of the data from the pandemic and the third wave, and has expressed concern about "The slowness in the vaccination rate." In this sense, Arrimadas has defended the need to "Speed ​​up the vaccination process" And for this he considers a national plan essential, something that, as he recalled during the interview, he already asked Pedro Sánchez the last time he appeared in the Congress of Deputies, "I insisted on the need for coordination mechanisms because we feared that the responsibilities would be passed on to the Autonomous Communities". "What cannot be is that the Government puts the logo on the vaccine box, but then the problems are only of the autonomous governments," he asserted.

Likewise, the leader of the liberals has vindicated the work of Ciudadanos during these months, “We are the only party focused on helping, saving lives and responsible both where we govern and where we are the opposition. We will continue to do so " while "Some in the opposition seem to want everything to go awful because they are in the queue at Moncloa to see when it is their turn", has ugly.

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