04-06-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs asks Moncloa to "agree, evaluate and speak with the opposition and with the social agents for the reconstruction of the unit"

"We urge the Government to promote a National Reconstruction Pact, approve tomorrow a first proposal in the Council of Ministers and bring it to Congress next Thursday". This is how the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, referred in a telematic press conference after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the liberal party. Arrimadas recalled that he has already asked Sánchez by letter and by phone for new agreements of the Moncloa "for the reconstruction of the unit." “We need to agree on a progressive way out of this situation; an alternative plan, moderate, realistic, reasonable ”, has said, "I ask the Executive to stop making excuses and make proposals."

"Talk, agree, evaluate with the opposition and with the social partners", the liberal deputy to the Government has sentenced, "It is not an ideological fight, but against the virus". Along these lines, Arrimadas has asked the Executive to "Abandon improvisations and one-sidedness in the face of measures that will shape the country's future" and that "they are going to affect millions of people for a long time."

Regarding the activity of the Congress, the spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs) has stated that "We are going to continue proposing the telematic formula to hold control sessions, plenary sessions and committees". "Tomorrow we will return to insist on this mechanism with Edmundo Bal in the Board of Spokespersons so as not to endanger any worker and so that there is parliamentary control," he explained.

In another order of things, the president of the orange formation has transferred that "The Executive Committee of Cs has approved the exemption of membership fees for those affected by Coronavirus". In addition, it has announced that "The Cs Executive has proposed that the General Assembly of the party be held on April 30 telematically" and "with all the guarantees", if the General Council ratifies it.

The Cs parliamentary spokeswoman has started with a few words of support for the families of those killed by Covid19, for the professionals who work during the crisis and for the families of Alberto and Joaquín who, after two months, remain buried in the Zaldíbar landfill .

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