12-17-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs points out that together with this law "we also need a palliative care law" because both "are not substitutes, but complementary rights."

"We voted in favor of regulating the euthanasia law because nobody loses any rights and we all advance a little more in our freedom." This has been pointed out by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), during her intervention in the debate on the Proposal of Organic Law to regulate euthanasia in the Congress of Deputies.

"The regulation of euthanasia through a guarantee model" is something that "does unite us and allows us to move forward" so "we vote in favor with our hearts and our heads," said the GPCs spokesperson. "We are not talking about imposing beliefs, but about respecting individual beliefs", that is why "today I also intervene from respect to people who are not happy today" and "I ask other spokesmen not to make caricatures" of something in which "80% of Spanish society agrees", Arrimadas explained.

The leader of the liberal formation wanted to remind that "those people who want to continue living will be able to continue doing as they have been up to now", and "those who in those same situations want to end their suffering, from now on can do so. Nobody loses rights, we all move forward. " Arrimadas also pointed out that "we need a palliative care law", which is not a substitute for this one, but "they are complementary rights." "I believe in dignity when dying, that is why this must be guaranteed and regulated," concluded the spokeswoman for Cs.

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