11-19-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that in the orange formation 'we defend the national soccer team' and announces that they have registered a Proposition not of Law to 'guarantee the exclusive presence of

"We are going to fight to the end to defend the freedom of families in the education of their children and try to reverse in the process that remains in the Senate the cessions to nationalism", has assured the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, at a press conference in the Lower House. "It is a humiliation that this law marks out the majority language of the Spanish", has censured the leader of the Liberals who has affirmed that "they have once again sold us to the Catalans for a handful of votes before ERC".

"Let it be known that if the PSOE accepts these conditions, it does so because it wants to, not because it does not have a moderate alternative in Citizens," Arrimadas asserted. Regarding the approval of the reform of the Education law, the leader of Cs has assured that “it is a sad day for millions of families and a sad day for education in this country because the eighth counter-reform has just been approved, without consensus. education of Spain ”.

"This law is an attack on families and the counterpart that the Government is willing to pay the nationalists to approve the budgets," has denounced Arrimadas, who has stated that "it is an attack on a right that is recognized in the article 27 of the Constitution and it is an authentic imposition in which ideology prevails over the search for educational quality ”. The leader of the orange formation has explained that the so-called “Celaá law” aims to “cover school failure instead of fighting it, it eliminates the prize for meritocracy and the effort in the educational system and, above all, it is a law that wants to put obstacles to those families who want to opt for the concerted or special school ”.

In this sense, Arrimadas has vindicated the position of Ciudadanos, "we consider that the only ones who can decide whether a child with special needs has to go to an ordinary or special school are their parents" and added that "this decision cannot be made not a minister, not a politician, not a bureaucrat, not a leader of an Autonomous Community ”. Likewise, the Cs deputy has addressed all those families who want to educate their children in a special education center to assure them that "they will continue to have the support of Cs" as well as "all families that, having a child with special needs, they want to take him freely to an ordinary school ”.

Regarding the information of a possible government pact for Euskadi to participate in UEFA and FIFA competitions, the leader of Cs has assured that in the liberal party "we defend the national soccer team" and has announced that the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs ) has registered a Non-Law Proposition in Congress to “guarantee the exclusive presence of Spanish sports federations in official international competitions”.

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