03-12-2020 | Cs

The elected president of Cs offers the Government "the budgets of the unit" in "political, social and territorial" matters to anticipate the impact of COVID-19

"We transferred the support to the Executive so that urgent budgets are processed to be able to approve and agree on national emergency accounts," said the elected president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, who also stressed that "we extend our hands so that in the next few hours we can get ahead of the Coronavirus ”. "They will be the budgets of the political, social and territorial unit," said the deputy from the orange formation. "Our support is absolute to the Government, we need forceful measures as soon as possible," Arrimadas said at a press conference via streaming from the national headquarters of Cs in which journalists have been able to ask via WhatsApp.

"We put ourselves at the government's disposal, our support is absolute because the situation requires it," said the spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group of Cs (GPCs). "We have to create budgets calculated on the basis of realistic growth forecasts for this crisis, which strengthen the health system, help the Autonomous Communities, guarantee support for the affected families and the self-employed," he explained.

"It is a moment of union, not of reproaches, or we focus on guilt and the past, or we take measures to avoid the worst effects of the epidemic," Arrimadas said. In turn, the parliamentary spokesperson for the orange formation has detailed that "Sánchez has planned a videoconference on Saturday with the regional presidents for which there are two days left" and "Sánchez has summoned us national leaders to a meeting next Monday for the four days to go. " In this line, the GPCs spokesperson has asked Sánchez to "bring the meetings forward" because "there is no time to lose, two and four days are many hours and you have to be quick."

The Cs president-elect has also conveyed "a message of rapid recovery to those affected" and "a message of support for health professionals who are the support and hope of hundreds of people." Likewise, he has launched “a message of understanding and tranquility” because he understands “the concern of businesses and families”. "We are going to get out of this," Arrimadas has sentenced.

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