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The president of Cs assures that 'Sánchez has preferred to take the hand of Otegi and Junqueras' and recalls that the orange formation promised that 'we would work to stop the follies of this Government'

"We will vote against these budgets because they do not have the reforms that Spain needs and the counterparts to the nationalists are intolerable," announced the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, at a press conference after the vote on the presentation report of the Budget Committee. “In March we were the first to offer the Prime Minister a loyal hand to the Spanish to agree on reconstruction and national emergency budgets. At that time, we promised that we would work to stop the follies of this Executive and that we would offer a moderate route, but Sánchez preferred to take the hand of Otegi and Junqueras ”, he recalled.

"We have kept these two promises," said the leader of Cs, who defended that "we have been working for months while other opposition parties seem to be taking paid vacations." Arrimadas explained that the work carried out by Citizens during these months “has served to prevent the VAT from being raised on concerted and special education, on private health; We have also avoided the rise in personal income tax and corporation tax, something that would have affected many Spanish families ", and this" in exchange for not presenting an amendment to all budgets. " However, the president of Cs recalled that "in his day we announced that to give the final yes to the accounts, the Government had to comply with a series of orange lines."

These orange lines to which Arrimadas has referred are, in the first place, "to comply with the demands and reforms that Europe demands, something that these budgets do not contemplate and that a reformist, liberal and pro-European party like ours cannot support." Secondly, the leader of Cs has indicated that "these budgets do not contain sufficient measures for the self-employed, SMEs and families to continue holding out during the pandemic." In this sense, it has claimed once again the European aid model, "the guarantee of 75% of turnover for those businesses that are forced to close because there is no demand." "The Government has done the opposite and has not responded to that request," he lamented. "We know how important it is to help them endure," he added. He also recalled that "the permission of parents to reconcile in those cases in which their children have to quarantine has not been met." Third, Arrimadas has stressed that "the Government will never again be able to say that it had no other option and many moderate citizens are going to have their eyes opened thanks to the work of Ciudadanos," he stated.

"Thanks to us, many crazy things have been stopped in these budgets or the Unique Health Card has been achieved, but this is not enough because they are not the budgets that Spain needs economically," Arrimadas said.

Before concluding her speech, the leader of Cs has sent a message to all Spaniards and socialist voters that "today they feel orphans" so that they know that "there is a party that from the beginning of the pandemic has been sensible and consistent, that He has not waited for everything to go wrong before they vote for us and that he has rolled up his sleeves to work and that the situation goes as well as possible within the difficulties. “Ciudadanos is a party that at the regional level is governing effectively, firmly and seriously, and where we do not govern we are reaching out and reaching important agreements because our main objective is to do the right thing and think about Spain when others only think about their parties ", it is finished.

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