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The president of Cs encourages 'to concentrate the constitutional vote in Cs so that no pro-independence party governs the Generalitat'

"Whoever has doubts about voting in person should come to request a mail vote because the key determining factor will be participation." This is what the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, said after going to request the vote by mail in Barcelona for the autonomous elections of 14F. Arrimadas explained that, given the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic, Catalans have the alternative way of voting by mail that can be requested until February 5.

The leader of Cs has assured that in these elections the key will be participation: "if all of us who want a change and a constitutionalist government are going to vote, we will get it," she said. And he has asked to concentrate the constitutional vote on Citizens because in this way "no pro-independence party will govern."

Arrimadas has pointed out "the nervousness of the pro-independence parties" because they know that "either they govern with a tripartite with the PSC or they stay outside the Generalitat." "A tripartite would extend the process, include pardons and we would see Junqueras in the Government threatening to do it again," the leader of the liberal formation has warned.

The president of Cs has reiterated the need to concentrate the vote in her party to have "a government that works for the 7.5 million Catalans and not just for Junqueras and his friends." "Let's take advantage of the opportunity for constitutionalism, let's not resuscitate them, let's concentrate the vote in Cs and we will have a sensible, moderate government that turns the page of the process and begins a new stage for all Catalans", he concluded.

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