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The president of Cs stresses that 'thanks to our negotiation we see changes in the Government' and criticizes Sánchez's mistakes

"With each vote in Congress, you have to think about what is best for Spaniards," the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, said in a television interview this Thursday. "On Wednesday the extension of the state of alarm was voted, not a motion to the Sánchez government," he said. The parliamentary spokeswoman for the liberal party has also conveyed her surprise "with the interpretive caroms of Congress, the only thing that was voted was whether the state of alarm fell."

"I think Spain was not prepared to go out to the beach or to discotheques without control on Saturday," Arrimadas said, "it was necessary to untie the aid to the state of alarm, think of an exit plan B and get weekly meetings between the Government , the opposition and the Autonomous Communities ”. "Thanks to our negotiation, changes are seen," stressed the liberal deputy. In turn, he pointed out that "the tool is exceptional" and there is criticism of "how the state of alarm has been used."

On another possible extension of the state of alarm, Arrimadas explained: “I cannot advance screens, the vote was for 15 days -until May 24-; what will happen, we will see later ”. "This pandemic changes every 24-48 hours, what we would like is to get out of this crisis with a progressive exit plan," said the Cs leader, who also stressed that "it will be necessary to see if the government evolves and rectifies" .

"If we had not supported the extension of the state of alarm, I believe that the Government would have followed through on its threats to leave families and the self-employed without aid just for opposing the opposition," he sentenced. Arrimadas has also recognized that "from our position we must be as useful as possible to the Spanish". "You have to be reasonable, the political bubble is sometimes far from reality," he confessed, "beyond the political bubble, time is running: 24 hours are vital for jobs and lives."

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