04-07-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs demands that Pablo Iglesias "stop giving feminism lessons, stop attacking justice and face up"

"With strong Cs, the nationalists are angry and the self-employed and families see relief from the government's mismanagement because the useful vote is the one that makes useful policy." This was claimed by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, during her speech at the ‘Citizen Meeting’ held in Vigo where she has been accompanying the Cs candidate for the presidency of the Xunta, Beatriz Pino.

"Gallegos do not settle for what there is, do not get carried away by those who say that everything is going well and that we must continue without changing anything because there is much to improve for families and the self-employed in Galicia," said the leader of the orange formation during the act in which they explained the proposals of the liberal party for families. "We want families with two children to have the benefits of large families because today it is an odyssey to have children and at Cs we want all families to have the same facilities," Arrimadas explained.

The president of Cs has referred to what other candidates call “useful vote, but they cannot explain anything useful that they have done at the national level because they have not achieved anything”. "We criticize the government, we also criticize it, we must also curb its barbarities and change some of its errors as Cs is doing," he asserted. In this sense, Arrimadas has claimed for Galicia the voice of Beatriz Pino as "a realistic, non-conformist person with feet on the ground" who knows that "this land has much to improve".

Likewise, during her speech, Beatriz Pino explained about the challenge of “being a mother in Galicia” and has promised that “this land is the best place to have a family” with measures such as “free in textbooks” or "eliminating the requirement of being married to be a family." On the other hand, the orange candidate for the presidency of the Xunta has warned of the danger of nationalism in Galicia and has assured that "Cs will be the retaining wall." Something about which Arrimadas has also alluded to explain "the fundamental and determining role" of the liberal party in the places where it governs and also in those where it is opposition. The president of the orange formation has given as an example the role of Cs during the pandemic, which has caused that "We can have less strength in the Government" and has also demanded Pablo Iglesias to "stop giving feminism lessons, stop attacking to justice and face it ”.

Before finishing, Arrimadas has asked the Galicians to support Cs because "an orange ballot is a great change for Galicia because Galicia has a lot to gain".

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