Asier Antona interviene en el Senado

The motion presented by the Canarian senator ensures that these funds "are essential to maintain the activity of the producers of the Islands"

The deputy spokesperson of the GPP and senator for the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, Asier Antona, demands that the Government of Spain carry out "a forceful strategy with Portugal and France" to defend the maintenance of the financial record of the Community Support Program for Agricultural Productions of the Canary Islands (POSEI) for the Outermost Regions (RUP) and adds that, "in the event that it does not obtain the commitment of the European Commission, it must be the central Executive itself who guarantees the maintenance of the aid."

Asier Antona has registered a motion for debate and vote in the Agriculture Committee of the Upper House, in which he recalls the importance it has for the agricultural sector of the Canary Islands and the need to obtain the support of the EU Council for the file current POSEI, estimated at 268 million euros, instead of reducing it by 10 million euros, as announced at the time by the European Commission.

As he explains, any reduction of the POSEI for the next budgetary period 2021-2027 "puts at risk the maintenance of the primary sector of the Canary Islands", and recalls that although the POSEI barely represents 0.01% of the overall budget of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC), "this program and the funds with which it is endowed are essential to maintain the activity of the island producers."

“The main objective of this aid program, focused on compensating the extra costs derived from the remoteness and insularity of the Outermost Regions (ORs), is still in force and, therefore, it makes no sense to apply a budget reduction, especially when this cut has not been applied to other financial records of the CAP ”, he assures.

It highlights that the Archipelago's agricultural sector is currently facing serious problems, such as lack of water, increased production costs and unfair competition from third countries, and considers that a cut in European aid would further aggravate this situation, " leading the sector to a progressive disappearance ”.

Likewise, it emphasizes the difficult situation facing one of the main crops in the Canary Islands, such as bananas, due to the unprecedented drop in banana import prices, as a result of the reduction in tariffs applied by the European Union . He also calls "really disappointing" the fact that the EU is now proposing to cut support, rather than broaden it.

For all these reasons, the Canarian senator asks the Government of Pedro Sánchez to preserve the rights acquired by the Canary Islands to receive a differentiated treatment within the framework of community policy and to firmly and forcefully support the efforts that have been made from the Canary Islands for months. to avoid a reduction in agricultural funds, on which the future of the sector in the islands depends ”.

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