Asier Antona interviene en el Senado

The deputy spokesperson for the GPP affirms that "immigration is a humanitarian drama that cannot leave us indifferent"

The deputy spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Senate, Asier Antona, denounced, during the control session held this afternoon in the Upper House, "the absolute lack of control, lack of coordination and chaos of the Government of Sánchez in its immigration policy."

The PP senator for the Canary Islands has reproached the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, José Luis Escrivá, for not coming to Parliament to discuss his department's strategy on migration. "Today, Mr. Escrivá, you are finally going to have to talk about immigration in the Senate, today you have no choice but to show your face, there is no possible excuse," he snapped at the minister.

During her intervention in the control session to the Executive, Antona recalled that, for a long time, both the Canarian Institutions and the entire Canarian society have requested the presence of Minister Escrivá in the islands “so that he can see the phenomenon first-hand. drama of migration ”and has reproached the minister for saying publicly that 'I will go to the Canary Islands when I have the most loose agenda'. "These words outraged everyone in the Canary Islands equally," he asserted emphatically.

For the deputy spokesman for the popular in the Senate, "immigration is a humanitarian drama that cannot leave us indifferent", for which he has told Escrivá, using a Canarian expression, that "what he has to do is send himself to to move, that is, not to continue for another minute in his position after the most absolute contempt he did to Canarian society when he said he would go when he had a gap in the agenda ”.

For this reason, Antona has wondered how it is possible that migration “is not the priority for a Minister of Migration, when we are talking about a humanitarian and social drama of the first order and when the islands have received this year more than 5,000 migrants and In the first fortnight of September, more than 400 immigrants, who are experiencing a situation of overcrowding and suffering, in short, a drama ”, he has sentenced.

Likewise, the PP senator recalled the visit of the Secretary of State for Migration to the Canary Islands, specifically to the Arguineguín pier, where he stated that this was "a small mishap", despite the fact that there were dozens of immigrants piling up there. “I ask you, Mr. Minister, if it was a small mishap to keep more than 400 immigrants on the Arguineguín dock, at more than 40 degrees, forced to sleep on cement, despite the fact that many of them were with children, ”he told Escrivá.

During her intervention in the control session, Antona has also asked Minister Escrivá to explain when the Matorral Internment Center is going to be put into operation in Fuerteventura; if you intend to offer the State facilities for the reception of immigrants; by the operation of the SIVE surveillance system, which is not working properly; and if there is a joint strategy with the EU, through FRONTEX, for border control.

In addition, Asier Antona has also denounced the situation that Ceuta and Melilla are experiencing, as well as the Gibraltar area, "since migration affects many territories, but where the focus of migratory pressure is in the Canary Islands and in these cities" , has pointed.

In this sense, the popular senator has asked the minister about the solution he is going to give to the Temporary Center for the Stay of Migrants in Melilla, "which has a capacity for 600 people and more than double it"; What are you going to do in response to the request for "help" from the president of the city of Ceuta, Juan Vivas, for the illegal entry of dozens of Moroccans; or with the arrival of migrants to the Mediterranean Sea.

Finally, the deputy spokesperson of the GPP has criticized "the chaos and the lack of coordination of the Government of Spain" in migration matters and has reproached the Government of Sánchez for the Ministry of the Interior, early Monday morning, giving an order not to attend a boat with 42 immigrants. "This situation reveals the lack of sensitivity of the Government of Sánchez with the immigration issue," he added.

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