“The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration works together with the Ministry of the Interior, the Government delegations in Ceuta and Melilla, as well as with the governments of the aforementioned autonomous cities, in order to reduce the percentage of occupation in the Centers of Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) and enable alternative spaces to alleviate their situation ”. With this answer, the Executive considers the battery of questions answered by the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, in relation to the saturation that is experienced in the CETIs of Ceuta and Melilla.

The Ceuta parliamentarian questioned the socialist government to find out how it values ​​the situation of immigration saturation suffered by both cities, after the Secretary of State for Migration, Hana Jalloul, visited Melilla in July and was able to verify it first hand. An assessment that has not been provided by the socialist government, in addition to not giving an answer to the interpellation of the deputy to know if they plan to implement any action to alleviate the immigration overcrowding suffered by both cities.

Similarly, to the question by the deputy if the Government is going to continue promoting illegal immigration or is going to use all available means to stop the immigration waves that affect Spain, and that produce an unsustainable situation as it has been able check the Secretary of State in Melilla, the Executive has not made any reference.

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