While waiting to carry out a more complete and calm assessment of the package of measures approved by the Council of Ministers at its meeting on Tuesday to continue fighting the effects of COVID-19, at CEOE and CEPYME we positively value that the Government considers both safeguard the health of citizens such as sustaining business activity and financing chains.

We see positive that this important battery of economic measures, especially public guarantees, has been deployed, waiting for the details regarding the percentages and guarantees to be finalized and trusting that they are in line with those announced in countries such as Germany and Italy .

From CEOE and CEPYME we believe that these measures will be useful so that the credit flow can continue reaching companies and we hope that they will help preserve employment at the same time.

Also in that wait, within the labor sphere, we welcome the streamlining of temporary regulatory files (ERTEs) and the suspension of contributions, although it is not possible to make a more exhaustive assessment without having the document that allows us to know the final detail of the proposed measures, which we understand should be in line with the agreement reached by the social partners CEOE, CEPYME, UGT and CCOO last Thursday.

Reiterating our support and collaboration at all times from the business sphere to society as a whole, we share that it must be a temporary crisis and that it will be necessary to continue implementing new measures in the coming days depending on the new needs in order to set the channels necessary to return to normality as soon as possible.

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