The self-employed are obliged to be up to date with the payment of contributions in order to have access to any benefit according to article 47 of the General Law of Social Security approved by Royal Legislative Decree 8/2015. ATA claims to make conditions more flexible so that freelancers with Social Security debts can collect the pension since under current legislation neither the autonomous receives its benefit, and therefore has no income, nor can they therefore face the payment of the dues due.

"We urge that the self-employed with the right to pension and have debts with Social Security can collect 50% of the resulting pension and the rest would pay off the debt. This is social policy. Otherwise, neither social security charges, nor does the self-employed person have access to his pension or face the debt.”, Says Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA. "Among other things because a self-employed person with Social Security debts and with the legal age of retirement fulfilled, neither lends nor guarantees anyone."

From the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers – ATA we request special attention to those self-employed who in the last years of their business have seen their income decrease and who expect to retire soon. "As time goes by there are many shops that no longer have the same income and the freelancer is waiting to retire. You cannot take your pension right for a bad month", added Love.

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