The Autonomous Communities have increased the payment terms to their suppliers for the tensions of treasury. “Some regional administrations had already warned. In a month the payment deadlines of the regional and local administrations have been increased and everything suggests that when we know the August data, the payment periods will increase again, ”said Lorenzo Amor, president of the National Federation of Associations of Autonomous Workers, ATA. “We ask for an urgent solution so that the State pays the communities what is owed. Late payment is one of the main causes of business mortality and there are many freelancers who can't stand it ”.

ATA has analyzed the average payment periods of public administrations and their evolution in the last month with data. Thus, although the central administration has not changed its term -30 days, just what the law sets-, the regional and local administrations not only fail to meet their payment period, but have increased it by one month, from 36 to The regional administrations average 39 days and the local ones 66 to 67 days.

Thus, the average of the payment periods of the regional administrations from June to July 2019 has increased by 3 days, and in July the invoices are paid 9 days above what the law marks. Highlights include payment Andalusia, Canary Islands and Galicia -17 days-, Basque Country -22 days- and Navarra -24 days. Although Andalusia has reduced the average payment period by one month – June 2019 – July 2019 – and the Basque Country has reduced it from -23 to 22 days. And yet, the rest of the communities have increased this period or maintained it, as in the case of Navarra. Thus, Galicia has added 3 days of waiting to its average payment period, and the Canary Islands, 2 days – from 15 to 17 days.

The community that has most delayed its average payment period in a month has been the Balearic Islands, which has gone from 29 to 41 days, adding almost two weeks waiting for suppliers -12 days exactly. The regional administrations that take the longest to pay are Murcia and Cantabria, With 58 days, he has added a week to his average payment terms with his suppliers in a month.

“Late payment is one of the main problems suffered by the self-employed and that dry their continuity and consolidation. We are not going to get tired of asking for a sanction regime for those who fail to meet the payment deadlines stipulated by law. Many freelancers are forced to close for not being able to withstand the defaults of those for whom they do work, advancing resources, materials and effort. So that the self-employed do not suffer more, they must receive the payment of their work in a timely manner ”.

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