The president of CEIM, Miguel Garrido and the president of ATA Madrid, Elena Melgar have signed today the integration agreement by which the Association of Autonomous Workers of Madrid is integrated into the Business Confederation of Madrid and agree to join efforts in favor of small entrepreneurs and freelancers in the community. Together with them, the national president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, wanted to point out the importance of this agreement. "We add to multiply," he said.

“Entrepreneurs are autonomous and we feel that we must rely on the same pillar, regardless of the size of the company. Together we are more, that is evident, but the important thing is that we are stronger. It is essential this union that reinforces the will of all to fight for our rights and get rid of the obstacles that hinder day to day, "said Lorenzo Amor after the signing." It is a historic day in which the protagonist is the consensus ”, he added.

For his part, Miguel Garrido, president of CEIM, has confirmed the importance of this day: “The integration of ATA in CEIM is another step for this Confederation. The self-employed are a very important part of the Spanish and Madrid business fabric and with this union we can work together to face the common challenges and objectives of the present and future, and continue contributing to the creation of employment, the growth of our economy and, ultimately , to the sustainability of the welfare system ”.

With this agreement entrepreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs who must be supported because they are the future take center stage within CEIM. "In a moment of dispersion and even attempts to divide society, in a moment of change and waiting, that now the productive fabric is one is an example that should be transferred to much of society," he said Elena Melgar, regional president of ATA.

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