Jerez de la Frontera, August 24, 2020. – The coordinator of VOX Jerez, Ramón Aumesquet, has expressed his concern about the possibility of coronavirus outbreaks among the vintage temp.

In this sense, the local VOX group has prepared a Safety plan for the Marco de Jerez grape workers, whose objective is none other than protect day laborers effectively against Covid-19.

Aumesquet considers that “it must be the town hall the one that carries out the establishment of a protocol, mandatory compliance by entrepreneurs in the sector, through the implementation of standard guidelines to minimize potential future risks. In addition, this measure would be accompanied by a hygiene, cleaning and disinfection plan to avoid possible infections ”.

“We are aware that large wineries have their own protocols, but we are concerned about the most vulnerable, the workers of the small farms viñeras ”, adds the local VOX coordinator.

That is why, from VOX Jerez, We urge the City Council to work hand in hand with businessmen for the implementation of these measures, as well as ensuring their correct compliance.

He plan prepared by VOX Jerez establishes the following guidelines:

-The contracting companies must make a PCR to each worker before start his work on the farm.

Mandatory use of masks for all workers.

-Use of individual work utensils and daily disinfection.

Daily temperature measurement before starting the day.

Coexistence bubble (the different crews should not mix): Partitioning the crews as a workgroup and coexistence stable on which preventive measures pivot on the farm.

Minimum distance of 1.5 m between workers. Crews must not mix each.

-The crews must be made up of stable groups of accommodation during the campaign.

-Measures of personal hygiene such as frequent hand washing and hygiene respiratory.

-Extreme the cleaning measures and hygiene in Common places of work, transportation and barracks of lodging if there were.

-He transport of workers must be individual.

-Guarantee the individual water supply the day laborers.

Each farm should design your own plan of Prevention and contingency against the coronavirus. It must also provide for the continuous existence of the necessary materials so that this Plan can be executed and maintained, such as personal protection materials, cleaning and disinfection materials, both for hands and surfaces, equipment and premises.

-The use of posters, signage, brochures and documentation that promote the hygiene and prevention measures.

Waste management adequate.

Stagger check-in and check-out times to avoid crowds.

-Will be placed hydroalcoholic gels in strategic positions.

– In the event that a person presents any symptoms that could be associated with the coronavirus infection (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.), they should not go to the farm until a medical evaluation has been carried out.

– The owner of the holding must maintain a record (electronic if possible) with the list of contracted workers and their contact telephone numbers, the crew to which they belong and the accommodation unit.

In this way, it is sought to avoid, as far as possible, the spread of the virus among the workers of the Jerez vineyards.

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