Australia Navarro asiste a los Diálogos Populares

The spokeswoman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Parliament of the Canary Islands and regional president, Australia Navarro, denounced today “the insatiable fiscal appetite of the regional government with its threat to create new tax figures linked to the environment that can be lethal for many families and businesses of the archipelago ”and warned that“ the natural environment is not protected by ruining people ”.

For Australia Navarro, “the introduction of new taxes disguised as green in the tax system, already increased since January 1 with the indiscriminate and universal increase of the general type of IGIC and basic supplies such as electricity and telephony, it is a nonsense and irresponsibility. ”

The president of the PP considers “a recklessness that the regional government now directs its fiscal greed towards strategic sectors in the Canarian economy such as tourism, transport and industry, which will necessarily lose competitiveness and transfer the increases to both customers and a minor ability to maintain or create employment ”.

Navarro warned that “although the regional government disguises itself as green and intends to make a marketing campaign in defense of the environment, what it really intends is to raise tax collection more and more at the expense of the pocket of companies and Canarian families "

The president of the PP also rejects "the improvisation and lack of rigor of the Government to raise issues of this nature without knowing for sure what impact and what consequences they will produce on the real economy of the Canaries."

Navarro recalls in this regard that “in the whole of Spain, more than 22,000 million euros are already collected per year (2018 data) through green taxation and it has been demonstrated that this tax pressure falls on 52% in the economy of the homes ”.

"In a climate of economic uncertainty such as the current one, this type of extraordinary taxation has a difficult justification, it does not solve the problem that is intended to justify its creation and will undoubtedly have a negative impact on economic activity and employment in the Islands," he added. .

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