The president of CEOE International, Marta Blanco, has participated in the webinar organized by the Australian Embassy in Spain and CEOE, to analyze business relations between Spain and Australia.

During his speech, in which he took the opportunity to welcome the new ambassador of Australia in Spain, Sophia McIntyre, Blanco stressed that Australia already had numerous business and investment opportunities for Spanish companies before the start of the pandemic and The only thing that has caused this new situation is that even more opportunities arise for our companies. The coincidence of the focus of the Australian government's investment plans in sectors where Spanish companies have extensive experience and international leadership, such as infrastructure or energy, allow us to be very optimistic about the future of our business relationships.

However, he stressed that there is still a lot to do and key issues before the start of the pandemic, such as the European Union-Australia Free Trade Agreement should not be slowed down, just the opposite, and encouraged the negotiations to be as fast and agile as possible. . In this sense, he highlighted the importance of Australia throughout the region and its relevance as a key piece in the trade relations between Asia and Oceania, as one of the main arguments to speed up the development of the Agreement. Lastly, he highlighted CEOE's commitment to the Australian Embassy and the willingness to continue strengthening relations and carry out some initiatives that due to events have had to be postponed until later.

During the day, which was the first in which Sophia McIntyre intervened in her capacity as eAustralia's ambassador in Spain, the current situation of Australia in relation to Covid-19 and the measures that have been adopted in each of the affected States, the evolution of the negotiations of the European Union Free Trade Agreement- have been analyzed- Australia, the opportunities that have arisen in the infrastructure sector with the post-Covid-19 economic stimulus measures that have been implemented in the investment plans of the Australian government, as well as the current conditions regarding foreign tourism and immigration, with special attention to the hiring of foreign qualified workers to work in the country.

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