"The unemployment and affiliation data published by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security confirm the change of trend and that a hard autumn for employment is coming”, Said Lorenzo Amor, president of the Association of Autonomous Workers, ATA. August closes with a loss of 212,984 Social Security contributors, the worst record of the last decade. For its part, the RETA lost in August 17,282 autonomous.

The month of August closes with a total of 54,371 more unemployed, to place the number of unemployed at 3,065,804 people and membership falls to 19,320,227 contributors.

So far this year, employment has grown by 296,062 people, which compared to the creation of employment last year we talked about a much slower growth since this figure is 22% lower than that of the same period last year, it is say, 83,551 jobs created less.

“Every August, 557 freelancers were lost and there were 1,753 more unemployed. Data that show that it is urgent to implement measures that give solution to a complex national and international panorama. The necessary environment, certainty and climate are not being given to favor entrepreneurship and job creation. The socioeconomic landscape is taking its toll on employment, ”said Lorenzo Amor.


Every August, 557 freelancers were lost. In total 17,282 freelancers less in a single month. By communities, in the last month, all of them lose their self, although they are Comunidad de Madrid and Murcia (-0.9%), Cataluña (-0.8%) and Comunidad Valenciana and País Vasco (-0.7%) who lead such loss At the other extreme, although with minimal autonomous losses, there is the Canary Islands, with only 15 autonomous less this August, or the loss of 0.1% (30 autonomous less) of Cantabria.

Of the 17,282 self-employed less in a month, the loss of 10,217 men (-0.5%) stands out, compared to 7,065 less autonomous women in the same month (-0.6%). By sectors, the ones that lose the most in August are education (-3.3%) and the loss of 1% of sanitary activities and construction.

So far this year (December 2018 – August 2019) Spain has 6,889 freelancers (+ 0.2%). It is the worst annual growth (since December 2018) since 2015, it grows at a rate well below what it grew last year, specifically six times less (6,889 more autonomous from December 2018 to August 2019 compared to an increase in same period of 44,597 freelancers).

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