La senadora Cristina Ayala durante su intervención

"He has our support for measures that improve Justice, we have shown it with the COVID," said the popular senator

During the control session, the senator of the GPP for Burgos, Cristina Ayala, asked the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, about the Government's assessment of the situation of Justice. In this sense, the popular spokesperson has offered the support of her party "for all measures" to improve it, but has warned that the PP is not going to be "uncritical", because she understands that the Government "is undermining, sometimes a little to little and others in an abrupt and undisguised way, to the third power of the State and it will not be with our complicit silence ”.

Cristina Ayala has focused her intervention on two issues: the lack of impartiality of the State Attorney General's Office and the images of the minister with Manuel Chaves, this summer on a beach in Cádiz, when he is awaiting the ruling of the Supreme Court for the sentence of the ERE.


Regarding the Prosecutor's Office, the senator has asked the minister for a “solution to the continuing suspicion of lack of impartiality regarding his actions” since the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, was proposed as Attorney General.

"The Prosecutor's Office cannot continue to be at the service of the Government, its mission is to defend legality, the rights of citizens and the public interest," he affirmed forcefully and asked him if it seemed to him that the Prosecutor's Office defended the rights of the citizens, when he was against the precautionary measure to provide doctors with sufficient protection material, or when the Chief Prosecutor denounces that his colleagues "are contaminated" or when he did not admit any investigation against the Government for the management of COVID.

"At what point does the utmost incompetence become punishable negligence?" Ayala has asked the minister and reminded him if the 50,000 deceased are not even enough. “What is your solution minister? That we just shut up? ”, Has sentenced.


As for what the senator for Burgos has described as "inappropriate meetings", she stated that the PSOE Justice ministers "have a certain tendency to meet with the most inopportune people at the most inopportune moments" and has alluded to the Minister of Justice Bermejo, when he met with Judge Garzón, or the recordings, of the then prosecutor and then Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, with Villarejo about the extortion of politicians with prostitutes, in which Delgado described it as "guaranteed success."

Finally, Cristina Ayala has relied on images published in the media, to remind the plenary of the Upper House that Manuel Chaves is awaiting the ruling of the Supreme Court on the ERE "the highest conviction for corruption of a party in 40 years" and his images with Chaves this summer on the beach.

"Was Chaves asking you for privileged information about how the process is going, were they talking about a possible change of magistrates in the Supreme Court, or was he asking for a pardon?", The senator has questioned Campo and has made him ugly that, in addition, in Those images were committing an administrative offense by being without a mask "in a place where those who do not wear it are fined."

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