Azcón exige al Gobierno que asuma responsabilidades, rectifique y negocie “un plan de ayudas justo para todos los ayuntamientos”

The PP spokesman in the FEMP and the mayor of Zaragoza criticizes "the closure and arrogance" of the Ministry of Finance and asks that "they do not punish and sit down with the mayors of Spain to negotiate"

He accuses the Minister of Finance and the president of the FEMP of the "historic defeat" and considers that "if they had a little modesty they would assume the responsibility of having delayed the aid that should come immediately to our cities"

He explains that the deputy from Teruel Existe says he feels cheated, after being the only party that supported the PSOE in "that nefarious Royal Decree" and asks him to draw two conclusions: "they have cheated you once and you may be cheated again , for sure "

It highlights that "we have fought for justice to be done" from the point of view of equality and of those municipalities that were in a worse economic situation

It highlights that in the debates for the elaboration of ‘The pillars for the reconstruction’ of the FEMP “only the PP proposed that it was necessary to have a special criterion thinking about those municipalities that were depopulated”

It warns that "it is not necessary to approve the PGE so that the funds that come to Spain from Europe can materialize in our towns and in our cities"

He insists on the need to create an independent agency to manage European funds, "because we fear the worst"

"We fear that something similar could happen with what they have wanted to do with the funds of the municipalities, distribute them only among socialists"

“The PGE approved by the PP take Spain out of the crisis”, but warns that “we cannot be asked to approve a budget that freezes or lowers the salary of civil servants, that generates more uncertainty in pensions, that increases contributions of the self-employed or taxes "

"Nobody who has a minimum common sense can think that the PP is going to be an accomplice of those PGE" and assures that the PP will propose "what it thinks that takes Spain out of this crisis"

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