The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto and the General Director of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz, have presented together with the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, the TURESPAÑA campaign “Back to the Canary Islands, back to Spain”.

An advertising campaign designed by Turespaña in a digital format, which seeks to position the Canary Islands as a priority destination in the main European source markets, this winter season.

The campaign begins today in European countries and includes markets that, such as Sweden, do not have any travel restrictions to Spain, and others, such as the United Kingdom, in which it is expected that in the short term they can activate tourist flows with the islands.

The campaign will use the claim "BACK TO THE CANARY ISLANDS, BACK TO SPAIN" and will reflect the priority experiential motivations for international tourists visiting the islands, such as sun and beach or active tourism and nature, among others.

Aware of the changing environment in terms of mobility between countries, a 100% digital campaign has been designed that allows us to act with great flexibility and great capacity to adapt to this volatile situation, at any time and with respect to any issuing market in real time.

Digital formats also make it possible to select with greater precision where to direct advertising impacts, which also results in a campaign that is more efficient in terms of the use of resources and more effective in terms of its results.

This digital strategy will rely on “big data” for the segmentation of audiences and on “branded content” to improve the safety messages of the trips to the Islands.

This campaign represents, in short, a reinforcement of communication, as it is fully aligned with the campaign recently launched by PROMOTUR (Canarian tourism promotion entity), and is reinforced with the numerous marketing actions that Turespaña has been developing through the network of Tourism Councils abroad, with the aim of increasing the positioning in the winter season of a safe destination such as the Canary Islands.

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