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The deputy spokesman of the GPCs demands that the Executive say that he will not pardon the prisoners of the 'procés' 'so that all Spaniards sleep more peacefully'

The deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has called on the acting Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, to say if he believes that the Government "considers it of public utility to sell or exchange pardons for an investiture." “Are you still in your thirteen? Because we are going to a new electoral campaign and they still want ERC to refrain, ”he said.

Bal, in the session of control to the Government, has demanded to Delgado to assure that the Executive will not pardon the prisoners of the cés procés ’before a possible condemnatory sentence. “I will ask it a thousand times until they tell me‘ no ’. Tell the Spaniards and we will all sleep more peacefully, ”said the deputy spokesman of the GPCs.

Finally, Bal has demanded that the PSOE "not criticize the provisional prison cars again" and that their leaders "do not say that you have to be brave to ask for the pardon." In this regard, he said that Cs "wants judges to feel safe with their work, that they know that this work will remain and that the Government will not interfere."

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