05-20-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesperson for Cs in Congress points to the Minister of Health that "it is enough for him to reject a proposal to know that he will later rectify it and accept it"

"It sends the message that coming to Spain is dangerous and puts tourism on the wheels, making it difficult for it to revitalize itself," Edmundo Bal, deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), warned the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, a who recalled that this sector represents 14% of Spanish wealth. According to Bal, the government "takes measures that neighboring countries do not adopt", such as "forced quarantines with respect to those who enter Spain", "instead of doing so at the first moment of the pandemic when there were already restrictions on transport."

In the session of control to the Government that has been celebrated in the Congress, the deputy of Ciudadanos (Cs) has asked the minister of Health if he has "a plan for when the outbreak arrives" of the Covid-19 once it leaves the state of alarm. "Do you know where to buy masks and respirators that work, either on the national or international market?" Bal asked Illa, who recalled that, according to seroprevalence tests, in Spain there is "very low immunity ”And there is still no vaccine against the virus.

"It turns out that the masks were not effective first, then yes, and from tomorrow they are mandatory," the deputy spokesman for the GPCs criticized, referring to the continuous changes in the government's criteria. "All you have to do is reject a proposal to know that you will later rectify it and accept it," said Bal. The liberal deputy has also asked the minister if there are already sufficient tests and if "the rearming of vaccines with regard to diseases that are aggravated as a consequence of the coronavirus is being considered."

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