05-13-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesperson highlights that millions of Spaniards maintain the hope of returning to their jobs after an ERTE thanks to the demands made from the Government

The deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has assured that "more progress must be made" in the Covid-19 crisis and has called on the Minister of Labor to "disassociate aid to the self-employed from a state of alarm ”, That“ takes into account the mutual and seasonal self-employed ”and that“ the 75% limit for extraordinary benefits be lowered ”. In addition, Bal has also asked the Executive to postpone the payment of taxes and forgive the payment of contributions to the Social Security of self-employed and SMEs, "the backbone of this country."

The deputy of Citizens (Cs) has also proposed, in the control session to the Government that has been held in Congress, that the ERTE of the tourist sector disassociate themselves from the "fixed date of June 30" and has lamented the "barrier ideological ”of the Government in the dismissal for objective reasons. "They have not prohibited the dismissal, they have made it more expensive," exclaimed the deputy spokesman for the GPCs, who explained that "some employers will fall into insolvency" and the workers who are fired will only be able to collect the Fogasa.

Bal recalled the demands of Cs to the Executive, such as the disassociation of the ERTE state of alarm, and assured that "it is good news that millions of Spaniards are calmer thinking that they hope to be able to return to employment." The deputy spokesman of the GPCs has assured that, "after a month" of the request of the orange party, the Government has "rectified".

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