06-23-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesman recalls that the liberal party "has asked for the resignation of Marlaska three times for his deplorable action with the State Security Forces and Bodies"

"The sole purpose of Bildu's petition is to erode the basic principles of a modern democracy with an independent judiciary," said deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, who underlined the "good news" that it supposes the inadmissibility of the commission of investigation on the GAL. He explained that "it is a judged matter" and "demonstrates that justice worked and works" in Spain. "We ask Bildu to bring to the table a commission to investigate the more than 300 unsolved murders of the terrorist group ETA," he added.

"The Parliamentary Group of Citizens has asked for the resignation of Marlaska three times because it has had a deplorable performance with the State Security Forces and Bodies," said Bal, who regretted that the Interior Minister is dedicated "to intimidating these public servants. they have to comply with its mission from a perspective of total neutrality and at the service of the Spanish and not that of any political party ”.

In relation to the Royal Decree Law that the Government defends in the plenary session of Congress, Bal has pointed out that Citizens "has intervened since it was a bill" with issues such as the reduction of social distance ", which represents an increase of 25% in the capacity of hospitality establishments or with commercial activity ”. He stressed that this is "an oxygen balloon to get out of the crisis and reactivate the economy."

Likewise, the GPCs deputy spokesman recalled that the liberal party is in favor of holding four plenary sessions during the month of July. Bal has clarified that there is still to see "how many, with what content and under what conditions." He explained that "it is traditional for there not to be plenary sessions the week before an election for campaign events and in that sense we will open negotiations."

On the other hand, the orange spokesman in Congress has appealed to the leadership of the Government of Spain because "it is important for Europe to take a coordinated exit from all countries in the face of the crisis in the economic, health and opening of borders". He stressed the importance of the support of conservatives, liberals and social democrats in the European Parliament "since we always vote together, not as it happens with the other government partner, Unidas Podemos, which always votes with the most radical groups."

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