05-20-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman for Cs in Congress recalls that, thanks to the negotiation of the liberal party, Sánchez will be accountable in Congress within fifteen days and the aid from the e

The deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has assured in the plenary session of the Congress that "Citizens make useful policy and achieve improvements for Spaniards working". "We have reached out a demanding hand for consensus and we have asked for responsibility always thinking of the well-being of the Spanish", Bal told the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, who also reminded him that the orange formation votes "for responsibility with families, workers and the self-employed ”.

In the debate on a new extension of the state of alarm, Bal recalled that, thanks to the negotiation of Ciudadanos (Cs) with the Executive, President Sánchez will report to Congress within fifteen days; aid has been untied from the state of alarm; the Lower House will hold plenary sessions and commissions during the month of July; or the moratorium for the payment of taxes by SMEs and the self-employed has been postponed for a month, among other "benefits for Spaniards". "Comply with Spain and you will have us at your side, because if you do not comply, you see how alone it is going," Bal snapped at the chief executive.

"Today we are not voting in favor of a government, as the ERC has said only thinking of obtaining political revenue from its threat position," criticized the GPCs deputy spokesman, adding that "it is a shame to remove the negotiating table in Catalonia when people think about saving their lives and their jobs. " "Stop taking political revenue out of the pandemic," Bal has demanded from independentists and populists.

Bal has appealed to Cs' "responsibility" to vote in favor of a new extension, despite Sánchez "making it very difficult because he has rectified many times and abused the state of alarm". The deputy spokesman of the GPCs has warned the Prime Minister that "do not threaten the groups again if they do not vote the extension of the state of alarm" and that "do not blackmail the Spaniards saying that if the royal decrees are not approved they will stay in indigence ”.

At the beginning of his speech from the rostrum of Congress, Bal has criticized that the deputies do not use the mask when starting this Thursday citizens will be required to use it in public spaces. "Let's see if we can set an example," he asked, taking off his mask to speak.

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