05-18-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman for Cs in Congress assures that Sánchez has to choose "if he talks about the table of shame with ERC, that it does not save lives or jobs" or if he "raises a reasonable period of time"

"Cs is not going to support an indefinite or 'about a month' extension of the state of alarm," Cs deputy spokesman in Congress, Edmundo Bal, announced at a telematic press conference. The member of the Standing Committee of the liberal formation has urged Sánchez to choose between "talking about the table of shame with the ERC, which does not save lives or jobs" or "setting a reasonable period to negotiate sensible measures, which run away from ideology and provide solutions to the problems of the Spanish ".

"You have to be aware that you only have 155 seats next to United We Can," Bal recalled. In this sense, the member of the Executive of Cs has assured that "the president himself has defended in the rostrum of speakers who asked for extensions every 15 days to have the authorization of Congress." For this reason, from the liberal party "we do not understand how a change is justified beyond the fact that Sánchez is more comfortable without having to go to the control of Congress every 15 days," he asserted.

"It is essential that you make it clear that you are not going to ask for the 30-day extension to start talking about the specific conditions on which you could vote on Wednesday," said Bal, who explained that this is a "prior element that it has to happen if he wants to choose Cs and he does not decide to go with the ERC ”for further support of the extension of the state of alarm. "How is a bilateral negotiating table with independence parties going to avoid an epidemic? It is absurd and contradictory ”, he has made ugly. "Cs thinks about the life of the Spanish", he added.

The member of the Cs Permanent Committee has referred to the meeting held last Friday between Inés Arrimadas and Pablo Casado to highlight "the climate of good harmony" between both formations. "We value the management of the autonomous governments where we govern in coalition as a successful formula," he said. Likewise, he referred to the elections in the Basque Country where the orange formation and the popular ones will concur together "with the sole objective that not a single constitutional vote will be lost".

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