05-09-2019 | Cs

Citizens submits a Law so that from the third theft there will be immediate expulsion for repeat irregular immigrants and jail sentences for the rest

The deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has announced that "we have registered the Laws of the Cs Clash Plan for Security and Against Crime in the face of the escalation of insecurity in our cities."

Bal has registered in Congress the Propositions of Orange Laws to fight against multi-recidivism in criminality, and guarantees for citizen security and coexistence against the illegal occupation of housing. In them, proposals are collected such as ending impunity for repeat pickpockets and that there is immediate expulsion for irregular immigrants who repeatedly and repeatedly commit criminal offenses.

The deputy spokesman of the liberal formation has also explained that the effective increase of police in the street is included in the Shock Plan, and has assured that since its formation “we are afraid of criminals, robberies and violence, but not Bodies and State Security Forces ”.

“In addition to citizens recording these events with their phones, such as fights with catanas or robberies, and despite Mr. Marlaska saying that we are exaggerating, the figures are eloquent: violent robberies in Barcelona have risen 30%, in Madrid between 8 and 9%, and minor thefts since 2016 have increased by 40%, ”said the deputy of the orange party.

Likewise, to fight decisively against the illegal occupation of flats, “which is often dominated by the mafias and that alters the coexistence with narco-flats, etc.”, Edmundo Bal has revealed that since Cs they have promoted a reform “that entails that the community of owners will be entitled to urge the eviction that will be carried out through an agile procedure ”.

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