12-15-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesperson criticizes that the Government defines itself as 'the most social and progressive of democracy, but they do not find out what the workers who cannot telework are going through'

"If the Government had chosen the ten votes of Cs for the Budgets, it could have maintained dignity and could look the victims of ETA in the eye," said the deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, in a press conference in the Lower House. "The decision of the Supreme Court is a cause for celebration for the democrats and the people who believe in the rule of law because they have to be able to discover the truth," said the liberal deputy, referring to the repetition of the trial to Arnaldo Otegi for the 'Bateragune case'.

"This is not a revenge of the State as some nationalist leaders are saying, this is called Justice", assured Bal who has described as "shameful, embarrassing and despicable" the statements of Minister José Luis Ábalos when saying that "it is a personal thing of Mr. Otegi ”. "How expensive the five votes of Bildu for the Budgets are going to the dignity and memory of millions of Spaniards," he declared.

During his speech, Bal has also referred to the issue of reconciliation of work and family life that Ciudadanos brings to Congress through an initiative that “tries to put on the table once and for all the need for this reconciliation of the personal and family life ”. In this sense, the GPCs deputy spokesperson has criticized that the Government defines itself as “the most social and progressive of all democracy, but they do not know everything that the workers who cannot afford to telework or a reduction are going through. working hours while their children are in mandatory quarantine ”. The orange deputy explained that "this was one of the orange lines of Cs in the budget bill" and recalled that "PSOE and United We Can voted against the families that are in this situation of not being able to telework . Likewise, he has vindicated the need to reach a State Pact "that serves to agree on things that are really useful and that provide solutions to the problems of the Spanish."

The number two of Cs in Congress has referred to the Euthanasia Law that will be debated in plenary session and that represents "an important step for Spanish society in terms of rights, freedoms and social achievements." "We have always been and are in favor of regulating euthanasia, provided it is done with all kinds of guarantees and respecting the will of the person who is in this dramatic situation," he added. In addition, he stressed that Cs "has worked on this law even though we did not propose it" and "we have reached many transactional agreements."

Finally, Bal has condemned "the aggressions that a group of Cs workers have received at the gates of Parlament in Barcelona by a group of totalitarian people who have shown how they understand democracy."

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