25-01-2021 | Cs

The deputy spokesman for the GPCs calls it "anomaly and outrage" by the PSOE and we can that Congress only opens for "what the Government is interested in without counting on the demands of the opposition

"Illa has chosen to be a candidate rather than Minister of Health, he has changed the appearance for the rally at the worst moment of the pandemic." This was stated by the deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during a press conference offered today to the media in the Congress of Deputies.

"It is unacceptable that Illa did not come once to the Health Commission to render an account during the month of January" because "the necessary leadership that she had to assume as minister to try to scratch some votes in the elections of Catalonia has been erased" Bal has explained, in addition to considering that It is an "unethical behavior" because "it has left functions with which it is falling in Spain" with "more than 200 deaths a day" and to point out that "it decides to stop tomorrow, at the worst moment of the pandemic."

Further, the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs has called it an "anomaly and outrage" that "the Government has closed Congress with the dramatic national emergency situation in which Spain finds itself", and that it only be opened "for what the Government is interested in without counting the demands of the opposition", such as "trying to terminate RTVE's appointments in a hurry, modify the competences of the CGPJ or create the commission of investigation by the Operation 'Kitchen', which is good for him to throw corruption on the adversary but not to fight his own ".

Likewise, the orange deputy has announced that "we have presented an amendment to the entirety on the proposal to reform the organic law of the Judicial Power" and has criticized that "PSOE and Podemos avoided the issuance of the technical criteria of the CGPJ"while bodies such as" The European Commission or the Venice Commission "point out that" any reform must have the opinion of the CGPJ "and have" broad consensus with the opposition. "

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