01-10-2020 | Cs

The GPCs deputy spokesperson recalls that "since the beginning of the pandemic," the liberal party has called for "coordinated actions between the Government and the autonomous communities."

"At Ciudadanos we are committed to the application of scientific criteria agreed upon by all and not to digging ideological trenches," said Edmundo Bal, deputy spokesman for the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), referring to the health crisis. For the ‘number two’ of the liberal party in Congress, “the principle of utility in politics is in the DNA of Ciudadanos”.

At a press conference in Congress, Bal highlighted that the orange formation was “the first to request a state of alarm and also to request that the Government be involved in the management of the second wave of the pandemic, establishing objective and equal criteria for the entire national territory and that will be carried out through consensus with the communities ”. "The Government has returned to be late, to waste time in a situation in which everyone is afraid and wants an answer, but it is good news that it has assumed its responsibility in terms of coordination with the autonomies," he stressed the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs. "From the beginning of the pandemic, we have asked for coordinated actions between the Government and the autonomous communities," the liberal deputy insisted.

For Bal, "it is not reasonable for someone in a pandemic to get up from a negotiating table just for ideological reasons, for crushing the political adversary." In addition, the "number two" of Citizens (Cs) in Congress has highlighted that the Spanish "find" in the orange formation "a message of concord, consensus, agreement and solution."

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