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The GPCs deputy spokesperson assures that the objective of the orange initiative is "to guarantee rights, solve problems and make life easier for citizens."

"Let's not make any more excuses for not solving the problem of 'squatting'", said the deputy spokesperson of the GPCs, Edmundo Bal, in the Plenary of the Congress of Deputies in relation to the Proposition No of Law that the Citizens Parliamentary Group has registered on measures aimed at preventing and stopping the phenomenon of 'squatting'. "Our system has important gaps, there is a huge void in terms of‘ squatting ’", highlighted the orange spokesman, urging that "this problem be not confused with that of vulnerable groups." "In the NLP we establish a set of comprehensive protection measures for these vulnerable groups, this is not the problem," he said.

With this parliamentary initiative the liberal party wants to "guarantee rights, solve problems and make life easier for citizens." "They are fed up with us not doing anything to defend them, there are neighbors who are afraid to come home at night or release their children on the landing because part of the building is‘ squatted ’by criminals."

Bal has stated that the Government "looks the other way and increases the problem", adding that "it is a problem of security and coexistence, not only of private or ideological property." The spokesman for the liberal party has insisted that "it cannot be justified that the illegal‘ squatting ’, which is a crime, is legitimizing the theft of the home from its rightful owner." "They extort money and profit from an illegal activity, we must be useful and responsible and not make citizens lose their possession," he added.

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