07-24-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs announces that the liberal party is going to "request the appearance of the foreign minister for her meeting with the Gibraltarian minister"

"It is time to leave the extreme ideologies and agree, the Spaniards deserve it," said the deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, referring to future General State Budgets that the Government will have to approve "in a historic moment" to "undertake the structural reforms that the country needs and that for 40 years have not been addressed by any of the bipartisan parties."

In an interview on the ‘Las Mañanas de RNE’ program, the liberal deputy asked the President of the Government for “responsibility” to present “moderate and focused Budgets that meet Europe's demands with this help”. "If he does, he will have us on his side as a state party", Bal added, who recalled the reforms that Citizens defend to invest "the money of Europe responsibly" such as "education, health, innovation or adaptation from employment to the 21st century ”.

The member of the Cs Standing Committee has also announced that the orange formation "is going to request the appearance of the Foreign Minister for her meeting with the Gibraltarian minister" because "it has broken the historical tradition that Spain has always had with respect to Gibraltar, which is to deny him any kind of recognition on the international scene. ”

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