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The GPCs deputy spokesperson announces that the orange formation has registered 'a new request for Mr. Iglesias to appear before the Democratic Quality Commission'

"Sánchez has the moral obligation to stop protecting his government partner and vote in favor of the appearances and investigation commissions," said the deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, in a telematic press conference in the Congress of Deputies. "We have just registered a new request for the appearance of Mr. Iglesias before the Democratic Quality Commission," the deputy announced after hearing the request of Judge García Castejón to the Supreme Court to investigate the second vice president of the Government.

"If Iglesias were not calibrated, with the content of the order issued by the judge, he would already be formally charged," explained Bal, who has disfigured the second vice president of the Government who "always makes a lot of equality flag and, however, in this This case is in a situation of inequality, as shown by the afarment ”. "Cs has always fought, both in the State and in the Autonomous Communities, so that there are special judges for people who cannot be tried on equal terms with the rest of the citizens," the liberal deputy added.

"During these last months, we have taken several initiatives in this regard: we requested the appearance of Mr. Iglesias and we have supported and requested an Investigation Commission for this case," added the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs. "What did the PSOE do in all these initiatives that Cs took? Hide him, support his government partner and try to protect him despite the seriousness of the events, "criticized Bal. At the same time that he has asked the Government of Spain and Pedro Sánchez, “what is the PSOE going to do now after a judge of the National High Court has appreciated that there may be the perpetration of three serious crimes by the second vice president of the Government ? ”.

“Podemos was a party that gave lessons to others against corruption and today it is a party in which it seems that electoral expenses paid with the money of all Spaniards were simulated and in which the rationale presented to the Supreme Court in relationship with the memory card of the advisor to Iglesias, the simulation of crimes, the discovery and revelation of secrets, a series of very serious crimes ”, concluded the orange deputy.

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