12-23-2019 | Cs

Cs and PP have registered Sánchez's petition to appear to explain the criteria of the State Advocate's allegations to the EU TJ ruling on Junqueras

"The State Advocacy is at the service of citizens," said the deputy spokesman for Citizens (Cs) in Congress. Edmundo Bal has referred like this, at a press conference, after knowing that “ERC has asked the Law Firm to make a gesture in favor of the release of Oriol Junqueras”.

Bal has explained that the departure of the temporary prison of Junqueras to take possession as a MEP "would be legal barbarity" and has asked the government in functions to "not put their political claws" in this institution. The deputy spokesman of the orange formation in the hemicycle has also stressed that "the organic law of the electoral system indicates that those who serve privately for a firm conviction cannot be deputies" and "that the prosecution has already requested that the penalty be executed of disqualification of Junqueras since he considers that he is no longer in provisional prison and is a firm convict. ”

Along these lines, Bal has transferred that today “the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs) and the Popular Parliamentary Group (GPP) have registered the petition for the appearance of the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, to explain the criteria of the Advocacy allegations of the State to the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union on Oriol Junqueras ”.

Along these lines, the parliamentarian of the liberal party has stressed that “in Cs we will support the‘ ’Via Arrimadas until the end” since “with 221 seats we could change what does not work in the country”. "We could reach a pact for education, depopulation, health …", said Bal. “We ask Sanchez to look at us and get away from the‘ ’Vía de la nightmare” and “do not let 100% of the Spanish sleep.”

Likewise, the spokesperson of the Management Committee of Cs, Melisa Rodríguez, appeared in the press conference to indicate that "today they have determined the names of those who will carry out the document that the extraordinary Assembly of March will amend." Something that will count as a guide "the pre-congress document approved on Saturday that was approved by overwhelming unanimity and will have participatory tools"

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