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The deputy spokesman of the GPCs assures that 'the outstretched hand of Citizens is not a blank check because we are not going to hide the errors of the Government, but we are going to try to avoid repeating them

"The parliamentary commission for the Reconstruction Pacts must meet now because sanitary, economic and European measures are needed now," exclaimed the deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, who recalled that the liberal formation was the first to offer great agreements to get out of this crisis. For the deputy of Ciudadanos (Cs), who has been convinced that "all together" and "without trenches" can end this situation, "the pacts are the antidote to get out of the crisis and against the improvisation of the Government" .

In the debate on the third extension of the state of alarm that has been held in the plenary session of Congress, Bal has insisted that "confinement has been revealed as the only medicine to beat the virus" and has congratulated the Spanish because "they comply with the deal. " "The government has been late to the crisis and does not recognize mistakes," said the deputy spokesman for the orange party in Congress, who said that "Citizens reach out" to the Executive "in support of families, the self-employed, to workers, to SMEs. "

"The outstretched hand of Citizens is not a blank check because we are not going to hide the government's mistakes, but we are going to try to prevent them from happening again," said the deputy spokesman of the GPCs, who added that the objective of the Liberal training is "saving lives and jobs". Bal highlighted that "the height of improvisation" of the Executive has been the decision that minors can go out: "sometimes children, who have no ideology, but a lot of common sense, would better advise Sánchez than that committee of experts of which he speaks and of which we do not know the names, "said the deputy of Cs.

Bal has asked the Prime Minister to "have a high-mindedness" and behave "like a statesman." In addition, the deputy spokesman of the GPCs has reminded Sánchez that "in Europe the liberals, conservatives and socialists vote together", for which he asked that the position that the Executive should take this Thursday to the European Council be negotiated and agree with the formations located in that parliamentary arch.

The deputy spokesman for Cs in Congress has regretted that the Lower House Plenary cannot be held telematically, despite the fact that "companies hold all meetings by videoconference" or that "the Board of Spokespersons does meets electronically. " "Thanks to all the workers in Congress, but today they should not be here because this session should be telematic" to guarantee the safety of all of them and to comply with the legislative obligation of the House and with confinement, Bal said.

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