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The deputy spokesperson of the GPCs criticizes the government's veto on educational associations' in order to get a law in a hurry 'that in the end' will be processed in a dark room and without transparency

"The decision of the Constitutional Court on the disqualification of Torra is a triumph of the rule of law", has assured the deputy spokesman of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, who has explained "the law is applied with equality" in a person that "has confessed a disobedience to the mandates of the Central Electoral Board and has been denounced by Citizens for the misuse of spaces in the middle of the electoral campaign."

In relation to the ‘Celáa law’, the deputy spokesperson of the GPCs has regretted that the Government has vetoed the appearances of the leading associations of the educational system “all in order to get this law out in a hurry”. He stressed that the spokesperson for Cs Education in Congress, Marta Martín, “has asked the lawyers for a report on whether this 'roller' that the PSOE and Podemos passes is legal and is covered by the Congress regulations because in the end we we are going to find a sectarian and exclusive law processed in a dark room and without transparency ”.

Bal has also referred to the information about the warning made by the National Security Council due to the seriousness of the epidemic. "We confirm what we have said in the speeches to extend the state of alarm", reiterated the orange spokesman, who recalled that "the Government arrived late and improvised despite having data regarding the pandemic."

The liberal deputy has stressed that the important thing now is to find solutions and for this reason he has once again insisted to the Government "on the need to create the committee of real experts with names and surnames", especially after the manifesto published by numerous health associations who have raised "a legitimate demand for that committee of wise men to be constituted to analyze what has been done wrong and allow us to avoid future mistakes."

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