03-08-2020 | Cs

The deputy spokesman of the GPCs assures that the meeting with the Government "has been productive" and that the orange formation "has transferred its main concerns in relation to the epidemic from the pun

"The economic situation of tourism is unsustainable, we have asked the Government to study sustaining the ERTE in this sector beyond September," said the deputy spokesman for the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, during a telematic press conference. after the meeting with the First Vice President, Carmen Calvo, and the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, Carolina Darías. "The Government has to give clarity to the information about the situation that Spain is going through because it seems that there are countries in our environment that are not learning well", Bal has recommended when referring to the "disastrous situation caused by the outbreaks" .

In this sense, the liberal deputy has requested "a second battery of measures, which are life-saving, for such an important sector for the GDP of our country." Likewise, during the meeting that has taken place in the Congress of Deputies and in which the Secretary General, Marina Bravo, the First Deputy Secretary General, Carlos Cuadrado, and the Deputy Deputy Secretary General, José María Espejo-Saavedra, the Cs delegation has transferred to the Executive the main concerns of the training "in relation to the epidemic from the health, social and economic point of view." "We have raised the need for a budget item to be set up to be able to set up a strategic reserve of sanitary material so that the government does not find itself in an unpredictable situation again," explained Bal.

The liberal deputy has referred to the "mismanagement" of the Government of the Generalitat in the face of outbreaks and recalled that there is a "legal tool that is included in article 65 of Law 16/2003, drafted by the Royal Decree Law 21/2020, in which Cs participated decisively, which allows the declaration of coordinated actions in the hands of the Ministry of Health in those Autonomous Communities where it is appreciated that the outbreaks are uncontrolled ”.

The start of the school year next September has been another of the topics that were discussed during the meeting. "We need a National Contingency Plan in the hands of the Government of Spain so that solutions are not provided in an uncoordinated way," said Bal. "We have to improve education through telematic means and the government cannot be late" that is why "from Cs we offer ourselves to work throughout the month of August if necessary," he said.

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