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The GPCs deputy spokesperson assures that "the ten Cs seats are focused on achieving the general interest" and celebrates "the government's rectification" in the reduction of VAT on masks.

"The Government can choose the path of Cs and will never be able to say that it had no choice but to agree with Bildu and ERC", The deputy spokesperson of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Edmundo Bal, has stated in a press conference in the Lower House in which he commented on the current situation of the Plenary in which the debate on the entire Draft Law on General State Budgets for 2021. "We could have been the eighth angry who look at the Government from the corner and have presented an amendment to the whole, but we have decided to be the first to work," he defended.

The number two of Cs in Congress has recalled the achievements obtained by their training and for which they have decided not to present an amendment to the entirety, “we have managed that hundreds of thousands of families do not see their taxes rise avoiding the increase in personal income tax to starting at € 60,000 as well as we have also managed to prevent VAT increases on private healthcare or special and concerted education ”, among other measures.

"There are two ways and Sánchez has to choose between the Spanish and separatists, between the middle and working classes or demagogic populism", has asserted Bal who has defended that in Cs “we work to save lives and jobs”. "We have told the Government that we want non-refundable aid for companies that see their activity reduced below 50%" and "we have requested a benefit for parents with children who are forced to quarantine," explained the deputy. liberal. Likewise, Bal has insisted on defending the freedom and equality championed by Ciudadanos and has demanded that "the old history of bipartisanship marketing not be repeated every time budgets or investiture have to be approved." "We want the Government of Spain to commit itself not to call a referendum of self-determination and that Spanish is not excluded as a vehicular language," he remarked.

In this sense, the deputy spokesperson for the GPCs has assured that "the ten Cs seats in Congress are aimed at achieving the general interest of all Spaniards."

In another vein, Bal has celebrated "the government's rectification" in the reduction of VAT on masks to 4% and recalled that "the PSOE and Podemos voted against a Proposal not of Law that Citizens presented on 12 June 2020 ”. "Other countries in our environment made this drop much before Spain, therefore there were no excuses," the liberal deputy has sentenced.

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